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Fitness is a lifestyle commitment to excellence in ability and preparation. The Greneker FIT series of mannequins and forms capture and compliment this athletic achievement and properly displays sports apparel that connects with the inner athlete in all of us.

The FIT line of  Female forms, torsos, half forms and short and panty forms offer varying degrees of muscularly proportioned, small to medium defined bodies that display athletic sports apparel, underwear and athlesiure wear with authenticity. These assorted body forms feature a one piece arm and hand with magnetic connection on Torsos and Half forms, and easy on and off application for armless torsos and short and panty forms that allows for easy set up and dressing. Proprietary polycomposite construction gives Greneker mannequins and forms  superior durability and long lasting beauty.

For almost a century Greneker mannequins  and forms have been a visual merchandising staple of fashion and sports apparel retailers. Fashions change over time, but Greneker mannequins and forms have always and continue to wear and sell the clothing of the legendary retail brands.

Female Torso with Shoulder Caps

  • Collection: Athletic, FIT
  • Gender: Female
  • Form Type: Torso Forms
In-stock Color
Matte White
Basic Color Choices
Charcoal Gray 10C
Matte Black
Light Gray 421C
Gloss Color Choices
Gloss Black
Gloss White

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 19 × 14 in